Who we are

The PuzzleBox team consists of qualified counsellors who have a wide breadth of experience before entering the counselling profession. Our counsellors have experience of working in the following areas – Housing, Sales, Management, Homelessness, Schools, NHS and Construction. So our counsellors can relate to a variety of experiences. Our counsellors also have a variety of training including Person Centred Therapy, Group Therapy, Mindfulness, Mentoring, Behaviour Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy, meaning you can be assured there will be approach to meet your needs.

My first session

We always aim to speak to clients before we start working together and we don’t charge for an initial conversation. An important part of this session is also to decide if we both feel we can work together. If we agree to moving forward together we will make a plan of what may be best suited for you and this will depend on the nature of what you may be seeking therapy for.

Our first session would be about exploring the challenges which may have contributed to you seeking therapy at this time. We will talk about the ways in which I may be able to help and work with you.



Meet the team


Caleb Cunniffe

“I come at counselling from the person centred approach which means I believe you are the expert on you and ultimately trust that you will have the most appropriate insight into the solutions available. I know how challenging that must sound, “why would you need therapy, if you had all the answers?” but I believe sitting with someone who supports you in finding the right way for you is a powerful vehicle for change. I have also had further training in a variety of different approaches including solution focused and CBT approaches though my base approach is always person centred.”

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Practice director

Dan Browne

“Director of Puzzlebox Counselling, I oversee all appointment calendars, accounts, website, IT and social media. My aim is to ensure our unique offering remains competitive and that clients feel they receive a quality experience at all stages.”

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We work with a variety of issues though the majority of client who come to see us tend to be around relationships (family, friends, partner or workplace), mental health related issues such as anxiety, stress and low mood or around general development/direction. Feel free to contact us if you want to explore whether we can work together on whatever is troubling you.

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